Dear FIT-C Team,

We invite you to join a new and exciting marketing initiative that we are rolling out in an effort to more effectively publicize the Fitness Industry Technology Council (FIT-C).  

We all try to engage and inform members of our respective social communities with quality content and valuable information.  It is our hope, that by combining elements of the FIT-C marketing effort, we will be able to leverage the status of each member as an expert within the industry of Fitness Technology.  This will help us to be more effective as a team raise and to awareness of our working group and the growing need for standardization within the industry.  

How will we accomplish this?

Our marketing department will create interesting and relevant content regarding FIT-C, for use on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as if you did the post yourself.

Our plan is to use a tool called and a technique known as "Inbound Marketing," also known as pull or permission marketing.  It is the use of engaging, value added content to “earn your way” into a potential lead. 

This will gently remind our virtual communities that we are industry innovators, at the forefront of current trends and thought leaders they can trust.

Through this process we will be able to keep others informed about the FIT-C group, our industry, progress, members and events.     

How Does Inbound Marketing Look?

The best way to think of our marketing efforts is to have a look at our current Fanpage. Much in the same way as we add interesting and informative content to the FIT-C Fanpage, we will offer you content your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.     

We will provide everything you need to post and inform your friends and followers by providing content, images and short videos.  You get to choose whether or not you will post the content, and have the ability to tweak or edit.  Rest assured that no posts will ever be made without your permission and we will not will we have access to any of your accounts or passwords.     

If someone asks you a question or requests more info, if applicable, we simply ask that you take on this ‘warm’ lead and help to convert this prospect into FIT-C member by providing more information or simply let us know and we will be happy to contact the interested party.

This is completely free to you.  
FIT-C is picking up the tab.  
All you have to do is sign up!

Ready to get started?

Simply just click on the link below and follow the steps. It only takes a few seconds.

Quick overview of how the platform works:

If you have any questions, need further information or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Thank you,

Fitness Technology Industry Council


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