ECOFIT Debuts Revolutionary, Cross-brand Cardio Management Solution at IHRSA 2016

ECOFIT, industry leader in networking cardio fitness equipment, introduces Cintel, Cardio Intelligence, at IHRSA 2016. Cintel, is a cross-brand cardio management solution designed to network hundreds of cardio pieces on the health-club floor without costly networking infrastructure.

ECOFIT’s key to successful cardio management is a robust, high density, long range wireless technology. ECOFIT's solution has been designed from the ground up to address unique challenges in busy club environments. The patented technology works with new and existing cardio equipment, is low cost and does not tie up valuable WiFi bandwidth.

Bryan O’Rourke, president of the Fitness Industry Technology Council says about ECOFIT, “We have entered a new era where big data technology, like that offered by ECOFIT, will have a major impact on Health Clubs by providing intelligence that can significantly enhance profitability and user experience. We are so proud of ECOFIT and all of FITC's supporters and the contributions they are making to this new era of technology in the fitness industry. ”The Cintel solution is scalable and designed for easy facility adoption on an enterprise level.

Cintel works with all of your cardio brands and allows viewing of the the ‘health’ of all cardio equipment from anywhere at anytime. Cintel also helps manage purchasing decisions based on real-time relevant data.

ECOFIT Networks is pleased to announce finalized partner agreements to be the Cardio Management Solution for Precor, Star Trac, Stairmaster, Woodway, Octane and True Fitness.

“Cintel offers the most advanced suite of cardio management available today.” - Dave Johnson, co-founder of ECOFIT

Cintel Delivers:

• Cardio Tracking and Management

• Comprehensive Custom Reporting

• Critical Equipment Status Notifications

• User Defined Summary Dashboards

Meet the ECOFIT team at IHRSA 2016 at any of their partner booths Precor, Star Trac, Stairmaster, Woodway, Octane and True Fitness. 


Eco fit founded in 2010 by Philip Rankine and David Johnson is located in Victoria BC. The innovative team recognized early in the need for a cross brand wireless networking solution for cardio equipment. Focused on this goal they developed and patented an industry specialized wireless protocol. Ecofit identified a major gap while working with and building relationships in the fitness industry. A viable Cardio equipment tracking solution was not available and was a need expressed by gyms and manufacturers. Cintel is the system that meets this need. The wireless networking solution created in complete consultation with partners in the industry has revolutionized how equipment is ideally utilized and profits maximized.