For Immediate Release

Nathalie Smeeman – Executive Director of EuropeActive/EHFA and FIT-C President Bryan O’Rourke

EuropeActive and FIT-C Cooperation

9 October 2014 - 3:14pm

A new partnership is now ready to hit the fitness sector!

Nathalie Smeeman – Executive Director of EuropeActive/EHFA is delighted to announce the new collaboration with Fitness Industry Technology Council (FIT-C) which will start from October 2014. She states that she looks forward to learn more about digital technology and regulate standards in Europe. At the same time FIT-C President Bryan O’Rourke remarks: "We are delighted to work closely with EuropeActive as advancing technologies are creating a new era requiring deeper collaboration for the global health and fitness industry."

The members of FIT-C are working to improve several technology standards for the fitness industry including initial working areas such as Calorie Expenditure Standards and Fitness Data Transport. FIT-C was formed to address different issues as mobilizing resources in order to improve the fitness industry, develop technology standards for fitness equipment and at the same time protect intellectual property of the participants.

Therefore a close collaboration between EuropeActive/EHFA and FIT-C is a big achievement for the fitness sector itself.

One of the main objectives of this partnership will be collaborating on research. As already acknowledged, EuropeActive/EHFA facilitates and supports market and scientific research to improve the quality of knowledge and evidence about the fitness sector. As most of EuropeActive members (manufacturers) operate in the US, it is crucial to deliver the newest developments from the US without delay to the European Stakeholders. The new partnership will provide new insights on the industry figures and performance in United States. Both will inevitably set the standards for how to merge and interpret health and fitness data, which will serve as a reference point for every equipment manufacturer.

On the other hand, this new partnership will include a tight collaboration between the two, in the area of communications though common activities on social networks or mutual support in awareness campaigns. At the same time it will include also common participation and presentations at EuropeActive/EHFA events, which will allow a higher visibility and valuable networking. Furthermore this partnership will focus also on creating a common set of standards and full compliance between European and US technological sector developments, as a result of cooperation on Google Fit and Apple Health Kit platforms or any other suitable basis.

Finally, EuropeActive/EHFA is currently working also on the establishment of a European “Knowledge Centre” for the physical activity, health and fitness sector and become the most reliable and comprehensive source for industry related information. Through this new collaboration the research and publications of FIT-C will be incorporated as part of the community platform, providing evidence on the technological developments of the sector. This will extend the research geographical area and provide members with broader insights and updates on the US industry innovations.

About FIT-C

The Fitness Industry Technology Council is a group of professionals representing leading companies/organizations in the fitness industry. The council seeks to grow the fitness industry, improve fitness user experience and mature the collection of real-time wellness data through the creation of interoperability standards for technology-based fitness devices.

FIT-C was formed to address the following industry issues:

  • Mobilize resources to drive the fitness industry forward
  • Develop and promote technology standards for fitness equipment
  • Protect the intellectual property of current and prospective participants
  • Provide a means for all sectors of the fitness industry to participate

FIT-C is established as a non-profit membership organization.