Six Month Working Group Agenda

Session 1: 10/14/14  – Introduction and Overview 

Presenters Bryan O’Rourke (Integrus) and Dave Johnson (ECOFIT)

  1. Group member introductions. 
  2. Networked Fitness” Technology and the health & fitness industry “an overview”.             
  3. Workgroup agenda review, and S.M.A.R.T objective mapping for defining group outcomes.                

Session 2:  11/11/14 – Networked Systems and API

Presenters Phil Rankine (ECOFIT) and Chuck Freedman (Mashery)

  1. Introduction to ECO Wireless and other networked fitness systems.       
  2. Your equipment is networked now what?  An introduction to API’s.  

Session 3: 12/09/15 - ANT+ and Bluetooth 

Presenter Paul Lockington (Garmin) 

  1. Ant and Bluetooth.  What do these protocols enable?
  2. Where are these technologies going in the future (downloadable programs, data sharing to favorite apps etc.)
  3. What should our strategy be to make the most out of this technology?

Session 4: 01/13/15 - Asset Management

Presenters Phil Rankine (ECOFIT) & Tom Strickland (Fitness EMS)    

  1. Asset Management Manufacturer and Facility Based networked systems.  
  2. Complete Asset Management Presentation Enterprise Level Fitness Equipment Asset Management Software demonstration.  How these platforms work and how they are enhanced by live data from networked equipment feeding into their systems.

Session 5: 02/10/15 - Health Apps and Wearable devices  

Presenters Brent Drake (MapMyFitness) and Mike Leveque (My Zone)                                

  1. Networked fitness inside and outside facility walls – The new fitness data tracking ecosystem.
  2. The future of wearables and sensor technologies and what this means to the industry.

Session 6: 03/3/15 - The Diamond Field Project (open standard premium fitness console)

Presenter Michael Haedrich (Intel) 

The Internet of Things and Fitness. 

  1. As intelligent, connected systems evolve and the Internet of things grows, consumers increasingly expect new and richer exercise experiences. These changes are driving developers of fitness solutions to pursue new partners to help them meet these demands and capitalize on new opportunities. 
  2. The Diamond Field Project - An premium open platform fitness console.